ASARA Membership


Current Members:

Please complete the renewal before the 31st of December for the following year. You can renew using the membership renewal form included in the membership forms packet. Please submit a roster of your members so we can approve them for the Expert Voice Pro Deal.

New Members:

Please use the Membership Form and review the policies therein when applying for membership. If you're not sure, please contact us at Do not pay any money or provide any checks with an initial application for membership. We will work that out with you once your membership is approved.

ASARA has five membership categories: Operational Organizational Member, Operational individual Member, Associate Organizational Member, Associate Individual Member and Lifetime Membership.

ASARA is organized to support member organizations. Individuals interested in getting involved in search and rescue should contact the local volunteer search and rescue organization in their area. There are many opportunities to get involved and assist search and rescue efforts throughout Alaska.

Individual Operational Members are recognized single resources who meet the standards for organizations as individuals. Typical single resources may be specialists in unique areas for which there is a unique need in Alaska.

Lifetime Membership is for those individuals who wish to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to and support of ASAR and the Alaska SAR community.


All membership fees are annual, except as noted for Lifetime Members.

Operational Memberships
Organizations with 1-50 members: $100
Organizations with 51-100 members: $200
Organizations with 101+ members: $300
Individual Members: $25
Individual Lifetime Members: $250 (One Time Payment)

Associate Memberships
Organizations: $50
Individuals: $10

Renewals and new applications may be paid for using the Donate button or by mailing forms and checks to our address below. Please indicate in the drop down menu that the funds are for membership dues. To mail forms and checks, please send them to:

ASARA – Membership

PO Box 233276
Anchorage, AK 99523