Directors – Alaska Search And Rescue Association

Executive Committee Directors

Jackie Ebert: ASARA President, CEO
Juneau Mountain Rescue

Mark Miraglia: ASARA Vice President, COE
Alaska Mountain Rescue Group

Aaron Hankins: ASARA Secretary, CAO
Petersburg  Search and Rescue, Fire, EMS

Vikki Gross: ASARA Treasurer, CFO
Alaska Solstice Search Dogs

Bill Laxson, ASARA Sergeant-at Arms, CLO
Alaska Mountain Rescue Group


Karen Royce: Southeast Region Director
Sitka Mountain Rescue

Sean Meltvedt: Interior Region Director
Wilderness Search and Rescue

Brower Frantz: North Slope Region Director
North Slope Search and Rescue

John Gomes: South Central Region Director
Anchorage Search Team

Susan Whiton: South Central Region Director

MAT + SAR Search and Rescue

Craig Hampton: Kenai Region Director

Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Joshua Boyle: Southwest Region Director
Chairman, Nading SAR Award Committee
Kodiak Island Search and Rescue

Pierre Loncle: Member at Large 

Alaska Solstice Search Dogs

Benjamin Endres, Non-Voting Director,
State SAR Coordinator, Alaska State Troopers