Alaska Incident Management Team - SAR

Mission: The AIMT‐SAR provides the Alaska State Troopers (AST) and other agencies having SAR jurisdiction with a regionally‐based cadre of SAR volunteers (from local, state, and federal organizations) with extensive training and experience using the Incident Command System for managing SAR incidents, who can serve as an Incident Management Team for search and rescue operations that extend into multiple operational periods and/or reach an ICS Type 4 or greater level of complexity. In addition, AIMT‐SAR members are available to manage less complex incidents when local resources do not have sufficient resources to manage an incident. The AIMT‐SAR is meant to supplement (not supplant) existing ICS capabilities within AST and the volunteer rescue community around the state. At the discretion of AST, the AIMT‐SAR may be loaned to other public safety organizations for SAR incidents. At the discretion of AST the AIMT‐SAR team may also be used for other types of emergency response situations.

Participation with AIMT-SAR: AIMT‐SAR is a volunteer team, the members of which have experience in land based search and rescue and related skills. AIMT‐SAR members also have extensive training and experience in the use of the Incident Command System (ICS) for managing SAR incidents or specific technical skills (GIS, mapping, computer‐aided search software).

New members are recruited to the AIMT from local volunteer SAR teams, as well as local, state, and federal employees with ICS and IMT experience. Applications are invited during a defined time period each year to expand the pool of experienced members within specific ICS positions.

As a member of the AIMT-SAR, individuals will:

  • Be prepared and available to deploy within 2-4 hours from time of notification anywhere in Alaska for multiple days at a time.

  • Participate in AIMT-SAR scheduled trainings on a regular basis.

  • Continue to build ICS related skills through professional development and participation on SAR missions.

Training: AIMT-SAR routinely provides SAR incident management training for ASARA member teams in addition to the AIMT-SAR members. Please keep an eye on our Facebook site for events.

The AIMT committee has set AIMT-SAR team member position qualifications based on current NIMS ICS training and performance standards. Please see the AIMT-SAR Position Qualification document for details.

Application Process:

AIMT-SAR Application
AIMT-SAR Position qualifications

  • Applications will be accepted annually from Jan 1-Mar 30 or upon invitation to join by the AIMT-SAR committee.

  • Individuals interested in joining should submit an AIMT-SAR Application to the ASARA President at

  • The ASARA President will forward the application to the AIMT Committee which reviews applications.

  • The AIMT committee will conduct a follow-up interview with applicants.

  • The AIMT committee will contact Individuals of the committee’s decision within 30 days from submission.

History: The Alaska Incident Management Team for SAR (AIMT-SAR) began in the fall of 2011 with a request from Lt. Tugmon, Alaska State Trooper State SAR Coordinator, for ASARA to support a new program specifically designed to train individuals in managing search and rescue incidents. There had been conversations for such a program by previous SAR coordinators and the ASARA directors supported the idea. A committee was formed to begin work on the new program, the Alaska Incident Management Team for search and rescue (AIMT-SAR). The AIMT-SAR program currently contains over 40 individuals from around Alaska who actively train to manage larger scale SAR incidents.

Deployment: AST is the authorized agency to deploy AIMT-SAR resources. In the event AIMT-SAR resources may be needed, Federal, state and local agencies should contact the AST SAR Coordinator. The AIMT‐SAR is meant to supplement (not supplant) existing ICS capabilities within AST and the volunteer rescue community around the state.

At the request of AST, AIMT‐SAR can field an Incident Management Team who can assist in the management of search and rescue incidents anywhere in the state. The AIMT‐SAR team will endeavor to be self-supporting for up to 72 hours, and will deploy with a portable Mission Response Kit that includes computer equipment with incident management and mapping software, an ICS kit, and basic communication equipment (handheld radios, satellite communication) to support its mission. AST can also deploy individuals from the AIMT‐SAR to fill specific positions in an existing incident management team upon request from the managing agency.

Mission Response Assets: AIMT-SAR maintains a complete mission response kit based in Anchorage consisting of:

  • Communications Kit – ALMR Base Station radio, 7 VHF handhelds, and satellite communications

  • 1-2 laptop computers, with SAR mission management and mapping software

  • A color printer/scanner and small projector

  • A portable Network-attached server for networking computers and GINA ArcGIS map data.

  • An ICS kit, including vests, ICS forms, reference guides, paper, markers, etc. for managing a mission.

  • Map/ICS forms case—containing large format ICS forms and map overlay sheets

AIMT-SAR also maintains 4 regionally-issued basic ICS kits that consist of: 1 laptop computer, a color printer, basic ICS forms, supplies. These kits currently located in Fairbanks, Sitka, Juneau, and Matanuska-Susitna Valley to facilitate mission management when the IMT is deployed to missions in these areas.