Alaska SAR Radio Network

The ASARA Radio Network was initially funded in 2007 through a grant from the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Public Safety Interoperable Communications Project (PSIC) for non-governmental agencies.

Purpose: The purpose of this page is to outline procedures and guidelines for organizations choosing to participate in the ASARA Radio Network. Any equipment distributed will remain the property of ASARA as dictated by the grant funding. The primary goal is to provide common interoperable radios and accessories to trained volunteer search and rescue (SAR) organizations across the State of Alaska. ASARA may modify these procedures by a majority vote of the ASARA Board of Directors.

Participation Guidelines:

Organizations participating in the ASARA Radio Network must:

  • Maintain current ASARA organization membership

  • Be recognized as a SAR resource by AST or other municipal, state or federal agency

  • Provide annual reports on the status of ASARA Radio Network issued equipment.

Organization responsibilities:

  • Annual Reports: Every year, between January 1st and March 31st, organizations will provide a report to ASARA on the status of ASARA Radio Network equipment including a plan for repairing any malfunctioning equipment.

  • Organizations will keep their annual dues current.

  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the member organizations requesting radio support.

ASARA Responsibilities:

With the assistance of the Alaska State Troopers, ASARA will help organizations with maintenance needs. ASARA Radio Network equipment may be issued, replaced, recalled, updated or repaired at the discretion of the ASARA board of directors in accordance with ASARA equipment policies.